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Welcome to Year 2!


This page tells you all the exciting things we've been up to in Year 2! Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your teacher know?
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Our Summer 5 topic is 

The Great Paper Caper!


We came back to school only to discover there was a mystery afoot! Someone had been wasting our paper, making paper aeroplanes and littering them around the school! We decided to become detectives to try and solve the case of the mystery paper aeroplane maker! On our hunt of the crime scene, we discovered a book called The Great Paper Caper. The bear on the cover immediately became our prime suspect!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

The mystery book!

The mystery book! 1

Our Spring 4 topic was 



We had great fun with our Japanese topic this term. The first thing we learnt about was the food they eat in Japan. We had vegetable and fish sushi in school and we then wrote arguments for or against eating it. 

Picture 1

We learnt all about the Japanese Bullet Train - the fastest train in the world! We created a 3D net of a Bullet Train carriage and attached them to axles and wheels to create our very own class Bullet Train!

Our Class Bullet Trains

We also read the book The Great Wave, which is based on the artwork by Katsushika Hokusai.

Picture 1

We used this book and Hokusai's artwork to create our own Great Wave pictures. We explored mixing different colours and used lines to create our wave effect.

Our Great Wave Artwork

Our Great Wave Artwork 1
Our Great Wave Artwork 2
Our Great Wave Artwork 3
Our Great Wave Artwork 4

Our Spring 3 topic was 

Great Explorers! 


We’ve been learning about lots of significant individuals throughout history, including Christoper Columbus, Robert Falcon Scott and Neil Armstrong. We found out all about the missions, voyages and explorations they went on. We also talked about ways we could commemorate them for all the fantastic things they’d achieved. Do you like our stamps and coins we designed?

We also enjoyed reading the Traction Man book by Mini Grey. We wrote our own adventures for Traction Man to go on and even designed our own action figures. We then wrote adverts, trying to persuade people to buy our toys! Would you like to buy them after hearing our adverts?

Advert 1.mp4

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Our Autumn 2 topic was:

Once Upon a Time


Year 2 were very surprised to have a magical book turn up on the first day of term!



All of the characters had escaped.  We went on a hunt around school to see if we could find any clues as to where they could have gone.  This is what we found:

Can you work out which stories these are from?

Magic spells


We wrote magic spells to make the escaped characters go back to the book.  We had to make them rhyme and practise performing them before all of the characters reappeared in the book.  Here are some of our performances.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Lauren Child


We have really enjoyed reading these two books by Lauren Child. 



Have you got any Lauren Child books at home?

Our first topic this year was

My Home 


We have started our term by finding out all about our local area. We looked at local landmarks, human and physical features and even created our own maps of the local area. As well as this, we've been learning all about our local history. James and Sarah Oakes were very important people to Riddings in the 1800s. They owned local mines and iron works; earning lots of money.  We found out that they were responsible for building the windmills that are now the emblem on our school jumper.  Did you know they were called James and Sarah after the Oakes family?  We went for a walk around Riddings, spotting important places, giving us clues about the history of the Oakes family. 

Meerkat Mail


Most of our work in English this term has been about a meerkat called Sunny.  He goes on an adventure to try and find the perfect home.  Can you tell your grown-ups all of the places that he tried? Where did Sunny end up in the end?




We have been learning a lot about 10s and 1s this term and have been using 10s and 1s to add and subtract.  Here's how:


The Colour Monster


We read a book all about our emotions called 'The Colour Monster'.  We learnt that we all feel these emotions at different times and that's ok.  We also learnt that it's important to talk about how we're feeling with people that we trust.



Below are some links to great websites with games and activities you can do at home. We've also attached the Maths homework and Year 1 and 2 common exception words that your child needs to be able to read and spell by the end of Year 2. 


These are the common exception words that your child needs to be able to read and spell by the end of Year 2

Suggested daily maths activities to carry out with your child