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Welcome to Reception!

It is a pleasure to have welcomed our new Reception children back into school from September and we are really pleased with how well they have settled in.


There are 2 classes in Reception- Orange and Yellow Class. The children spend time in their own classrooms but also have access to the other classroom and our outdoor area throughout the school day where they are supported in their learning by our Reception Team:



Miss Kidd (Orange Class)         Miss Kamillo (Yellow Class)



Miss Campbell         Mrs Weightman       Mrs Mottershead



Mrs Penkavova            Miss Royston

Term 2- Night and Day

This term our topic is Night and Day and we are exploring the story Night Monkey, Day Monkey which you can watch here:


We have talked about what Night and Day Monkey see and introduced the word Nocturnal- talking about what this means as well as finding out facts about Nocturnal animals.


As part of our Friendship week we have also spent time exploring the things that make us each unique, talking about what makes us and our friends all different and all special.

Term 1- All About Me

This term our focus is All About Me- we have enjoyed getting to know each other finding out about our likes and dislikes, interests and skills as well as talking about our friends and family and all of the people that are important to us. 

We talked about how each of us are All Different and All Special and had fun creating our own self-portraits as well as making funny pictures on the IPads too.

The internet can be fantastic and is full of lots of great resources like those above but it is also important to make sure that children are safe when using it. Please find attached some guidance to support you and your children in using the internet safely when accessing online learning, games and activities.


Thank you.

Our favourite story this term has been We're Going on a Bear Hunt which you can watch below:


We enjoyed acting out the story in our outdoor area and then even created our own version about the mystery eggs that we found outside!

At the end of term we thought about going on a Halloween hunt and we had fun using the story language from the Bear Hunt to tell our spooky Halloween hunt stories.

Below you can find some useful websites for supporting your child in their learning:

Below you can find some of the things that we did in Reception last year including some of our Home Learning information.




Autumn Term 1 2019

This term we have been settling into our new Reception classes getting to know all of the different activities that we can enjoy and forming some great friendships too!

We painted some pictures of ourselves and talked about our families and the things that we like. We have also enjoyed sharing the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt and even went on our own Bear Hunt around Reception!

Autumn Term 2:

Out topic this term is Night and Day and we focused upon the story Night Monkey Day Monkey. We also learnt lots of facts about nocturnal animals, sang songs about animals and enjoyed listening to different animal rhymes. We also looked around our school for animal habitats and had fun exploring our outdoor area.


We also got to spend an evening in school sharing stories and enjoying hot chocolate as part of our bedtime story event!


At Christmas time we all took part in our Christmas Nativity Concert, decorated the classroom, made Christmas cards and even had a special visitor! We were also lucky to have a visit from Professor Pop-Up telling the story of the Pied Piper which our Family Fundraising Committee kindly paid for- Thank you!

In Spring Term 3 our topic is Traditional Tales and Nursery Rhymes...

We have enjoyed sharing lots of different stories and rhymes together so far this year and we will be exploring these more this term. In particular we are learning the story of the Gingerbread Man- re-telling the story together, making our own endings and even making our own tasty gingerbread men to eat! 


This term we will also celebrate Chinese New Year- we will re-tell the story of the Great Race (seeing if the animals can run just as fast as the Gingerbread Man) and we are looking forward to performing our own Dragon dance too!


As part of our Traditional Tales focus we are also thinking lots about our book corners- sharing stories we love and practising being Story tellers ourselves...



Please find below the information sent home for Reception pupils. A social story about Covid 19 is also attache below which may be helpful to share with your child.

Any updates or further resources will be posted here and on Tapestry.


Below are some useful websites that you may wish to look at with your children over the next week. You can keep checking both this page and Tapestry for other suggestions and useful links as we will add items over the next week or two. Please keep adding your own photos/ videos of the fun things that you are doing as we will be checking Tapestry regularly and we are looking forward to continuing to hear from you all.


Joe Wicks will be hosting a 30 minute P.E. session for children each day at 9.00 from Monday. This will be live on his YouTube channel: 


If your child loves animals there are also several zoos and farms that have set up live streaming of their animals. You can find out which zoos and follow the links to watch here: 


Phonics play is a website that has some games we enjoy to play at school and they have currently offered access to all of their resources and games for free. This included interactive games and some comic book stories for your child to read. You can access the site here: - you can access daily phonics lessons that follow the scheme we use in school called ‘Read Write inc’.

If you copy and paste the above link should you want to access these lessons. Most children are following phase 1 unless they are in Mrs Mottersheds group who have just started phase 2. - this site gives access to some great songs. 


Purple Mash is a site that gives you access to a range of activities for online learning and they have offered free access for 60 days. If you are interested you can access this here:


There are also lots of animal websites and links that you can explore... 


Easter Competition Challenge:


CreativePlay UK have set a Playground Prize competition, giving one lucky school the chance to win a £10,000 playground makeover!

Click on the link which will take you to the webpage: 


You can also download a copy of the pack below.


The company have created an ‘At Home Playground Design Activity Pack’ for you to download and complete with your child over the holiday period. You then simply upload and email your submission back to them. The more of our children that enter, the more chance we have of winning; I’m sure you’d agree it would incredible for our school to be crowned the lucky winners!

Playgound Design Competition

Easter Activities:


You can find some Easter activities at 


Twinkl also has lots of Easter activities some of which are attached here and can be found on the Reception class page of the school website as well.

Activity Ideas

Term 5

This term our topic is Growth and Change.

The home learning resources from last term (including some useful website links and copies of the information sent home in the packs) can still be found below and we will also be adding some new activities, links and ideas here. These will also be shared on Tapestry.


You can find copies of the main stories we enjoy this term below (Titch, Jasper's Beanstalk and  The Very Hungry Caterpillar). Share these stories with your child and see if they can re-tell them to you- can they remember the events in the story, can they put them in order? There are pictures from these stories that you can use to re-tell the story or to create story scenes attached below.


You could ask your child to write about their favourite part of the story too. Remember when writing we are using our phonic knowledge (saying the words slowly and writing the sounds that we can hear) as well as practising remembering the tricky red words (a copy of these can be found with the home-school pack information below). If you are writing a sentence it helps to repeat it with your child several times first (you can even use funny voices, clap jump or stamp it out to help with this) so that your child can remember it.


You can also find some addition and subtraction activities attached below and the following websites also have some good number games to try:

Term 6

All Different and All Special!


This term we are talking about the similarities and differences between ourselves and others. We are looking at where we live and comparing it with other environments. All the work including the work below can be found on Tapestry.  


You can also see additional home learning activities and information (that have also been shared on Tapestry during Spring Term 4 and Summer Term 5) by scrolling down on this page.





You can still visit to find lots of great songs to learn.

Some of the songs that link to this terms topic are:

Week 2, Friday- This song is about eggs hatching and links to life cycles

Week 3,Thursday- The seed song all about seeds growing and changing.

Week 5, Saturday- The minibeast song is about the different creatures that you might find outside.


Writing Activity


1. Read the story introduction...


2. Ask the questions on the next picture... what were your answers?


3. Look at the third picture?


What do you think the sunflower will look like? Can you draw a picture? You could add a sentence about it e.g. the sunflower is big/ the sunflower has grown / it is gigantic...


4. Keep saying the sentence over and over and over again until you can remember it. Remember to clap it, stomp it, shout it and whisper it. You could even wiggle it! (Your child might need you to remind them of the sentence as they go and on this occasion you might need to help shorten it for them if it’s very long). For longer words you can show your child how to break them into smaller parts for sounding out e.g. sun-flow-er.

5. Count each word in your sentence.

6. Have a go at writing each word in the sentence, reading what you have put before you add the next word. (Your child might need support to do this, especially if they’re recording only initial and final sounds)

7. You will really need to stretch those longer words. Correct spelling isn’t important at this stage. We are using our phonic knowledge at this stage unless it’s one of our red words.

8. Don’t forget your finger space between each word. This will help you and others to read it back and make sure your writing is nice and big so that your poster can be read from a long way away.

9. Can you add a full stop at the end of your sentence?