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New Nursery and Reception children.

We aim to make transition into school a positive experience for the children and parents. 


Some ways in which we support our EYFS children into school:

  • Market day – meet the teachers, discuss uniform, meet the governors, catering staff, attendance expectations shared.
  • Teachers phone every new parent.
  • Teachers in Reception visit children in current nurseries and conduct some home visits.
  • We use 'mice' transitional objects to support the children with positive relationships and develop secure attachments.
  • Stay and play sessions offered
  • Meet and greet by Pastoral staff and Headteacher
  • Transition days 
  • Welcome to the EYFS meeting in the Autumn term
  • Phonics at Riddings parents meeting to support parents with reading. 


Reception to Year 1

We aim to make the transition from Reception to Year One as smooth as possible for our children.

Ways in which we support our Year 1 children:

  • Ensure all children have met the Year One adults through visiting their classrooms and working with them for a short time e.g. reading a story at the end of the day.
  • Open evening in classrooms before transition day allowing parents and children to meet the new staff and visit the classroom,
  • On Transition day itself the children spend the whole day with their new teacher and teaching assistant getting them feeling comfortable with coming to Year One.
  • Our classrooms have continous and enhanced provision to allow for a supportive transition from the EYFS.
  • Classrooms are set up in very similar ways with different areas of learning including a reading corner, role play, small world area as well as a writing and maths area.
  • Transition meetings between professionals in school to pass on information are completed before the children start.
  • Welcome to Y1 meeting at the beginning of the Autumn term.
  • Transitional mice encouraged into Year 1.
  • Learning journals used in reading corners to promote curriculum knowledge from the previous year group.


From Year 2 to Year 3.

We aim to make the transition from Year 2 to Year 3 as smooth as possible for our children, this includes;

  • 3 x transition days.
  • Transition meetings between professionals in school to pass on information are completed before the children start.
  • Transition meetings SENCO / DSLs.
  • Y3 teachers visit the children in school and participate in some group / teaching activities and observations.
  • Additional weekly transition for identified children.
  • All Y2 Children access Summer 2 Forest School at Junior school site.
  • Visits to Junior school for children and parents promoted.


General transition in school

  • Teachers have the opportunity to move around school and read different classes. stories so the children get use to different teachers throughout the year.
  • Whole school theme on internal transition ‘All different, all special’.
  • Headteacher shows new parents around school.





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