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Year 1

Autumn 2. 

Welcome to year 1! 



Autumn 1 2020         Welcome to Year 1!


There are 2 classes in Year 1. We have Green class which is Mr Vallance and Blue class which is Mrs Marshall (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoons) and Miss Scott (Wednesday mornings, Thursday and Friday).

We also have Mrs Phillips, Mrs Turner, Miss Lancaster and Mrs Wilkinson who are our team of Teaching Assistants who will be working across the year group. 



We would like to start off by saying how proud we are of how the children have settled back into school life after a very difficult time. They have enjoyed spending time getting to know each other again and exploring our learning environments.


This term, we have been getting to know how to use the different areas of our classrooms and outdoor area and we have been thinking about our KINDER values and our school rule 'Be kind'. 


Cops and Robbers

The children really enjoyed listening to this story by Janet and Allan Ahlberg . We thought carefully about the characters (especially the robbers!) and the children came up with brilliant describing words. We even had a visit one night from Grabber Dan and Grandma Swag! They took our big dinosaurs and our voting counters from our book area.
As our independent task, the children made a 'Wanted' poster for one of the robbers, using our phonics wall to help write their sentences.

In Maths, we have been doing lots of counting activities. We have been recognising numbers from 0-20 and having a go at ordering these too. We have watched Numberblocks to learn about adding one more to a number and then we have taken our knowledge of numbers outside and used it in our independent learning. For example, writing down how many basketball hoops they have scored or using the chalks to create their own number lines.

We also looked at 2D and 3D shapes, thinking carefully about their names and what properties they have. Such as 'straight sides', 'corners', 'square faces' and 'edges'. They enjoyed making models out of junk boxes and containers and talking to the adults about what they had made and had lots of fun playing shape games on the interactive whiteboards and the Ipads!

Learning From Home


This is where you can find the Homework Menus during the time that we are not in school.

homework menu week 7 summer 6

homework menu week 6 summer 6

homework menu week 5 summer 6

homework menu week 4 summer 6

homework menu week 3 summer 6

homework menu week 2 summer 6

Homework menu week 1 summer 6

homework menu summer 5 week 5

summer term 5 week 4 homework menu

Summer term 5 week 3 homework

Summer term week 1 homework menu

playground design competition

Welcome to the Year 1 part of the website. Here you will find news about things that we have done and you can find more information out about the curriculum and possible things you can encourage us to do at home on the Parent Information/Newsletters section.

Spring 4 2020


The children came in a variety of wonderful costumes to help us celebrate World Book Day!


We used the story 'Avocado Baby' as a focus text this term.



Spring 3 2020

This term we have used Oliver Jeffers lovely story, Lost and Found as a stimulus for a lot of our work.



We enjoyed hearing and comparing the Christian and Hindu stories of Creation! There was much awe and wonder upon learning about how the two stories say the world was made!

Autumn 2 2019


As  part of finding out about different faiths and promoting acceptance of those whose views may differ to our own, we visited the Open Centre in Derby where we could have mehndi patterns painted onto our hands, as well as dressing up and taking part in a pretend wedding ceremony. We also walked to a local Hindu temple, where we counted how many bells we could see and saw Rama and Sita, amongst other characters that we know from the Diwali story.

We came back to school to find boxes of jumble in our classrooms and the Shirley Hughes' book 'Dogger'. This is about a small boy called Dave and favourite toy. We found a class toy in the box, but then it disappeared!

Friendship Week and Odd Sock Day

Autumn 1 2019

The term got off to an exciting start as we discovered a burglary in our classrooms and the chief suspect was Grandma Swag from the storybook, Cops and Robbers.




To fit in with the cops and robbers theme, we were lucky to be visited by PSO Thompson, who spoke to us about the duties of police officers, as well as answering our questions.

We wonder if PCSO Thompson has ever seen this burglar.....

We have enjoyed getting to know and handle Cuisenaire rods, which help us with our Maths. We made some pictures with them at first!

We found out about landmarks around Great Britain and made some models of them, a favourite  being Buckingham Palace!

We found out about the Hindu festival of Diwali and made some artefacts.

Summer 5 and 6

We enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, enjoying seeing a variety of animals and also learning more about different animals.

We took part in celebrations to say Goodbye to our Headteacher, Mrs Politowski, learning some new songs and rhymes to make her laugh!

We were fortunate to take part in regular Music workshops, singing and moving to songs and rhythms.

An RSPB workshop that we did outside focused on animals' homes. Also outside, along with the whole school, we helped to make and then decorate a huge wicker caterpillar- it can be seen outside the Reception classes.

Spring 4 Amazing Animals

This term, we have found out about all kinds of animals. We have thought about similarities and differences between animals, and have learnt about the groups that animals belong to.


We were visited by Zoolab, who brought in a variety of animals for us to see!



We made our own animals.

We have had fun practising balances during gymnastics

Spring 3 Lost and Found

Rob Bounds came during 'Healthy Me' week to make smoothies with us on this cleverly adapted bike. We were also encouraged to walk/scoot/bike to school with Rob every day that week.


We learnt more about e-safety, being safe when using the internet, during a workshop.

We were visited by a dentist to talk to us about why it is important to brush your teeth two times every day.


Autumn 2 Fantastic Friends.


Following on from our work on the story of Diwali and learning about Rama and Sita we have been on a trip to the Hindu temple in Derby and the open centre. We were made very welcome and the children enjoyed having a good look around the temple. Back at the open centre we learnt about Asian weddings, tried on traditional clothing and had the opportunity to have a Henna pattern painted on our hand.

We learnt how to fence with Mr Wildig, our PE coach.

We took part in an anti-bullying workshop.

Autumn 1 Great Britain

This term, we started by having crime scenes in both of the classes, where some items had been taken and were found to be in swag bags- who was the criminal we wondered??



We used different materials to make our own robbers.

Summer 6

Our final topic this year was AUSTRALIA.

We learnt about animals unique to Australia, and had a visit by ZooLab who brought some animals into school and told us about them.




We found out about life for children, and how it differs to in Great Britain. 


We enjoyed creating our own artwork, in the style of Aboriginal art, and adding music to Aboriginal story symbols. 



Summer 5

The topic in Summer 5 was Growing. We planted seeds, read stories about growing, found out about the kinds of plants and trees that grow around school,  ooked at and drew some flowers, made our own fruit salads and did an assembly to our parents.






Planting seeds and making fruit salad

The Morris Men visited us to celebrate 1st May, bringing the naughty unicorn Horace with them.

We enjoyed archery in our PE lessons and at an after-school club.

We took part in  workshops with Rob Bounds on Equality and with the RSPB on the wildlife around us. 

Spring 4


This term our topic is The Great Fire Of London.

We have made timelines about events in the past, made firey artwork, and pretended that we were Samuel Pepys keeping his diary.


We continued some artwork from last term, adding modroc to our newspaper dinosaurs!



Trip to Derby to a Hindu temple and the Open Centre

We dressed up as book characters and did jobs linked to certain books on World Book Day.

Spring 3

Our topic this term is Dinosaurs!

As well as learning lots of facts about dinosaurs, and doing an assembly to our grown ups on the story Tyrannosaurus Drip, we have made dinosaurs in a lot of different ways.




We made dinosaur hats

Balancing in gymnastics.

Autumn 2

We enjoyed finding out about the story of Rama and Sita, as well as the festival of Diwali. We started off by following an exciting trail of tealights, that led to an treasure box to explore, packed full of things linked to Diwali.

Our topic this term was Castles.

We enjoyed working in many different curriculum areas finding out about castles. We made our own class castle collages, using Paul Klee's Castle and Sun picture as our inspiration.


Welcome to Year 1!

Autumn 1

This term our topic is Marvellous Me. We are enjoying finding out about our senses, and also about our bodies. We enjoyed dressing up on Superhero day, and used our strong superhero powers to help us listen, look and learn extra well that day!!



We explored our local area on a village walk.

We like to use sums in different ways.

We put instructions into beebots to make them move.

We have had a great time finding out about, and doing work on, the festival of Diwali.

Summer 6

Our topic this half term is Australia.

Year 1 Trip to Newstead Abbey

We had an amazing time on our trip!  We used clay and natural materials to make faces on trees.  We baked bananas over a fire and we even put on camouflage for games of hide and seek! 

We enjoyed finding out about Australian animals, and also produced work following on from hearing some entertaining stories set in Australia.

Summer 5


The topic this term was Growing.

We grew beans from seeds in bottles, and checked on their progress every week. We enjoyed looking at the plants around school, and finding out about deciduous and evergreen trees.

We did a lot of writing after listening to these two lovely stories...


Spring 4

This term, we found out about the Great Fire Of London.

We enjoyed a visit from Samuel Pepys.
We now know about landmarks in London, and how weather helped the fire to spread.  We have started to monitor the weather every week, using special equipment.

We worked with beebots again, putting instructions into them to get them to travel from one area on a map to another. If our directions were wrong, then we debugged them and tried again!


Spring 3

This term saw us hunting for, and finding, some dinosaur eggs on the playground! These hatched in the Year 1 classrooms, while we found out about dinosaurs, and made lots of exciting models using different things. We even made new dinosaurs using playdough,  and named them, which helped us with work about plurals.


Autumn 2

This term saw many of us visit Derby, where we found out about Hindu customs and traditions, such as marriage. We were made welcome when we visited the Hindu Mandir, which was decorated to celebrate the festival of Diwali.


Alison and Jo visited us from Tesco, bringing a selection of food for us to try, which is eaten during Diwali celebrations, as well as during many other occasions. Lots of us tried new food for the first time, and really liked it!



Autumn 1

Autumn 1 was a a very busy term. As we got to know each other in our new classes and the new year group, we enjoyed a Marvellous Us topic. During the topic, we went out into Riddings on a local walk, to explore the features around school.



We enjoyed using beebots, putting instructions into them to try to make them go where we wanted!



We learned about the Hindu festival of Diwali, and made some of our own diva lamps.



September 2016

Welcome to a new term, and a new school year! In Year 1, we are looking forward to working together to learn about lots of exciting things, developing our talents, and using our British Values skills to make sure that everyone has opportunities to achieve.



Have a look down the page to see what we got up to in Year 1 last year. 

Marvellous Me


Our first topic in Year 1, was Marvellous Me! During this topic we learnt all about ourselves. We talked about the things that we are good at, and the things that we’d like to get better at. We made a friendship garden in our classrooms to show all of the nice things that people have said about us. We created self portraits in the style of Paul Klee. 

We also had lots of fun learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali! We retold the story of Rama and the Demon King and we acted it out with puppets and masks! We then made our own Diva lamps out of clay - they were very beautiful but very delicate!




During our Castles topic, we learnt about William the Conqueror! We learnt a super catchy song and read stories that had castles in them – we even recited some poetry!


After we had learnt about the Bayeux Tapestry, we practised the skill of weaving! We made our own calendars using different materials to represent the 4 seasons of the year – weaving is quite tricky, but we really liked the end result!

William the Conqueror video.mp4

Still image for this video
This is the William the Conqueror song that we learnt. Warning - it is VERY catchy!!

At Christmastime our role-play turned into a Frozen winter wonderland! We had fun playing in the snow and singing with Sven and Olaf!


We even helped Santa to find out the best material to cover his sleigh in case of rain. We found out that plastic was both flexible and waterproof! 



When we came back after the Christmas holidays, we were extremely excited as we discovered DINOSAURS had been in our playground! It all started when we discovered some strange looking bones, some huge footprints and 2 eggs! We looked after the eggs carefully and they hatched into (thankfully) two herbivore dinosaurs!

We learnt about the different dinosaurs that used to roam the Earth with lots of songs and stories and we now know the difference between carnivores, omnivores and herbivores! We even used our super science skills to identify which dinosaurs may have left some dinosaur poo! 

We then designed our own type of dinosaur and used recyclable materials to make them.


We enjoyed learning this song about dinosaurs! 

In January, we went to the Mandir and Open Centre in Derby to learn more about the Hindu faith. We looked at the beautiful statues and learnt about a Hindu wedding – we were allowed to try on the different outfits, most of them were very sparkly! Some of us then had beautiful patterns drawn onto our hands with henna. 

The Great Fire of London


In our Great Fire of London topic, we learnt all about the events in 1666 and how the fire started. We even had a visit from Samuel Pepys who told us about writing in his diary and burying his cheese and wine! He was very silly and funny! He taught us how the water chain worked and we sang the song, ‘London’s Burning’.

We wrote our own onomatopoeia fire poems and performed them to our classes, we also made our own London cityscapes using printing ink and rollers.

We also had a storytelling week, where we read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We read lots of different versions of this story and we even wrote our own alternative endings! We then made our own yucky porridge to trick Goldilocks – it had some very yucky ingredients including ‘blood’, ‘ants’, ‘bugs’, ‘snot’ and ‘earwax’! Some children were really brave and tasted it! We wrote instructions for how to make this porridge using our time conjunctions. 



In our Growing topic, we learned about all of the things plants need to live. We looked around the school grounds for evergreen and deciduous trees. We experimented with different planting methods including compost for sunflower seeds, cotton wool for cress seeds and ‘window watchers’ for broad beans! We were very excited to see how these different methods affect each seed and bean! 

We also learnt about the weather and how weather and seasons can affect plants. We know that weather can change throughout the seasons and we made our own weather diaries. We learnt that the weather can be very unpredictable – in fact we had rain, sunshine, hail, snow and lots of wind all in one day!

We enjoyed learning and retelling the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and we created our own versions of the story. 




In the final term of Y1 we are looking forward to learning about Australia. We will be learning about what the country is like and we will write to someone living in Australia to see what it is like to live there. We will be learning about Australian animals and sorting them into different types. We are very excited about a special visitor who will bring some Australian animals to show us. We will also look at Australian artefacts and learn about Aboriginal art. later in the term we will be preparing to visit our new Y2 classes and having Sports day. The term will end with a school trip to 'The Butterfly House' to learn more about minibeasts! 



Alongside our topics we have learned lots of new things in Maths. Have a look at the photos of us having fun and learning maths skills!