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In Science, we learn to explore the world around us, learning about why things work and how things happen. This makes us Scientists.

Our Intent for Science


Science is the study of the natural world and at Riddings Infant and Nursery School we believe that this is best learned through experiments and observation. Our intention is to progressively develop the scientific ability of all of our learners. As children move through school, they are taught to extend their knowledge and vocabulary to aid their scientific thinking. As scientists, the children are encouraged to develop their investigation skills based on the learning of a wide range of topics. Children are given the means to question the world they live in and to plan their own inquiries. By the time children leave our school they should be able to observe and compare, and to group and classify. They should also be able to raise their own scientific questions and have the confidence to research these. They will explore, inquire and be encouraged to notice patterns. It is our aim that they approach scientific experimentation logically by predicting, investigating, recording results and making conclusions. Exploration and investigation are embedded into every topic and the ultimate goal of our science curriculum is to nurture a thirst for knowledge. 


Science – Implementation:


At Riddings Infant and Nursery we use a scheme of work called ‘Snap Science’. Science is taught through specific lessons. Every lesson is based on a question, encouraging enquiry from pupils and building their scientific skills as well as their knowledge. Progression and Vocabulary Pathways support teachers in informing their planning to ensure that pupils’ knowledge and skills develop year on year from the EYFS to the end of Key Stage 1. Our memory Mondays give the children opportunity to revisit common strands and key learning while our continuous and enhanced provision give the children opportunity to revisit key scientific skills such as classifying and sorting. 


The successful approach that we use at Riddings results in a fun, high quality and engaging Science education. It provides children with the foundations for understanding the world that they can take with them during their primary education and beyond.

Science lends itself to learning outdoors and we strive to provide children with opportunities to experience this, during our main Science teaching and then through provision where the children can come back to ‘sticky learning’. Science is also promoted during our ‘Science Week’ where the children will engage in topical Science work.

We ensure that the children have a voice within their Science learning by using our learning stars to record pupils learning and questions. By the time the children complete their Keys Stage 1 learning the pupils are empowered in Science understanding that they are scientists.

The science lead regularly undertakes subject monitoring to ensure that learning across school is coherent. Time is taken to speak to pupils and staff about teaching and learning to help develop a thirst for learning and knowledge. 

Science Week.


During Science week we worked across school to try and bring more wildlife into our school grounds. We planted seeds and plants that would grow and help to bring in insects and birds. Have a look around our school grounds and see if you can see them growing. 



ECO After School Club

Our ECO after school club runs during different terms throughout the year. We have been trying to increase the number of birds, insects and plants visiting and living on our school site. 

During one after school club the children designed and made bug hotels.