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Cultural Capital in PE

At Riddings Infant and Nursery School, we promote Cultural Capital through PE in the following ways...


Invasion Games / Athletics / Striking and Fielding


  • Children will learn a variety of skills. They will be able to understand the mutual respect needed to compete in a sporting competition.
  • Children learn to socialise with others and work as part of a team to have mutual respect for all children.
  • This will be evident through the way they conduct themselves when they compete to ensure that all children learn how to be a good sportsperson. 
  • The children will understand that they are to be compliant with the rules of a game and that we live in a democratic society where both men and women can play mixed sports.




  • Children may demonstrate knowledge of the history of dance, and its cultural impact on the world.
  • They may be able to reflect on different styles of dance, influenced by different cultures and both national and international histories.
  • Children may perform different types of cultural dance through celebrating festivals such as Chinese New Year and Diwali.