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Kindness Week

During Kindness Week, we have been talk about how we can be kind and a good friend to others. We worked hard to show acts of kindness all week and if a grown-up noticed us we got to take a kindness ticket home. We have also created a kindness card, worked as a team to build towers and created kindness masks. 


We have been learning all about Diwali. We read the story of Rama and Sita which the children really enjoyed, they liked the demon king with 10 heads and 20 arms! We then watched a video of a little girl called Jessica celebrating Diwali. We noticed she was dressed in a Sari, with bright colours and gold patterns. She had decorated her house with diva lamps and her mum cooked a special dinner to celebrate. They even decorated the outside of their house with rangoli patterns. They then went to the temple to pray to their gods. After, they ate a special dinner with their family and went outside to watch the fireworks.
We then celebrated Diwali ourselves. We made a special dinner in the home corner and create rangoli patterns outside the house. We listened to special music in the home corner too. We created firework pictures with paint and glitter and diva lamps with playdough and sequins, as well as much more. Take a look at all of the pictures of the fun things we have been busy doing!


This half term we are learning all about sculpture. We are exploring this through the artist Alberto Giacometti. Today, we explored sculpture using play-dough. We moulded the dough into different shapes by rolling and pinching the dough. Our sculptures were 3D and all unique! I was very impressed with their sculpture skills. Next week we will be creating sculptures with clay. We are excited to see how it is different to work with than play-dough.

Balance Bike Workshop

Today, we have completed a balance bike workshop. We practised our balancing skills on stepping stones and a bench. We also played some games to improve our balancing. We then got to use the balance bikes and were shown how to balance, glide and use the bikes safely.

Asian Marriage Workshop

Nursery have enjoyed an Asian Marriage workshop today. They enjoyed learning some new words, looking at the different clothing and dancing to Bollywood music. What a great session!

Autumn 1 - Owl Babies


We have loved our learning based on the book 'Owl Babies'. We have done so many lovely activities. We have drawn pictures of our family and created owls with feathers. We have also made an owl nest by collecting sticks, leaves and feathers. We then discovered a mummy owl had laid an egg in our nest! We waited patiently for the egg to hatch and to see the Owlet. Whilst waiting, we made binoculars to hunt for mummy owl in the trees. We even made our own chocolate nest to take home. What a fun half term in nursery!

Getting to know Nursery 


We have had so much fun getting to know nursery and all of the wonderful areas we have to access during choosing time.