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In RE we learn about different beliefs about god and how these beliefs can affect people’s lives. This makes us spiritual explorers.

Religious Education



At Riddings Infant and Nursery School we believe that all children should develop an insight into religion and worldviews by reflecting on their own ideas and ways of living, acknowledging difference and diversity in the world we live in. Religious Education closely links to the schools Kinder values of Kindness, Individuality, Nurture, Determination, Enthusiasm and Respect. The RE curriculum as well as being a stand-alone subject crosses into our assemblies and whole school celebrations. Religious Education is a key contributor to the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development at our school. 


We aim to prepare our children to grow up into young adults who are able to hold thoughtful and respectful conversations with those around them.  In order for our children to do this we encourage them to share their own thoughts and beliefs, showing sensitivity towards others and their beliefs. One way that we enable our children to do this is through modelling and celebrating the ‘British Values’ of Tolerance and Respect, in understanding that all people don't all share the same beliefs and values but that we should show respect towards and be tolerant of the  ideas and beliefs of others.


We prepare our children with the skills they need to do this by creating a respectful, considerate and safe learning environment where children's opinions are valued, and by developing their ability to give reasons behind these thoughts and opinions. By providing engaging and interesting topics and lessons, we give our children the opportunity to wonder, explore and answer their own questions. Our curriculum is adapted to need the needs of all of children including those with SEND so they are able to express thier ideas in an appropriate way. 


We enable our children to understand more about key world  and local religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam, whilst also looking at celebrations and stories from Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism. 


In order to fulfil this purpose, we advocate that R.E. needs to provide a balance between three key concepts.


Believing – exploring religious, beliefs and questions about meaning, purpose and truth


Expressing – religious and spiritual forms of expression, questions about identity and diversity


Living – religious practices and ways of living, questions about values and commitments.


Our aim is to implement this Intent through quality first teaching and learning across school.



Religious Education at Riddings Infant and Nursery School is taught using the structure, content and ethos of the Derby and Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus 2020-2025.  A clear Progression Pathway and Vocabulary Pathway has been planned using this document as it's foundation to develop core skills and knowledge which are built upon and further developed each year. All children are encouraged to investigate their beliefs and the beliefs of those around them using a variety of media such as video, texts, first-hand experience and religious artefacts and to share their thoughts through their work. RE is an essential part of developing the Cultural Capital of all our children. We also plan in opportunities for our children to hold meaningful conversations with their peers and other adults including those who are invited into school to share their beliefs. We nurture good links in our local community by visiting the local parish church and welcoming people in to talk about their personal thoughts and beliefs. We also work with the wider community through links with the Derby Open Centre.


Religious knowledge and vocabulary is at the core of our teaching and learning and revisited regularly to enable secure and progressive understanding through our Memory Monday sessions and celebrated through our learning Journey walls.



By the time they leave us we strive for all our children to:

  • Acquire the age appropriate related knowledge linked to the Derby and Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus.
  • Have the ability and confidence to have meaningful and thought provoking conversations as they grow into young adults in our world today.
  • Develop an understanding of the vocabulary and knowledge of the diverse religions and beliefs in our World today, and a healthy respect and tolerance for these.
  • Develop an enjoyment and interest in learning about other peoples religious thoughts and beliefs whilst considering and developing their own.

Monitoring of Relgious Education in school shows that the children make good progress towards meeting these aims and enjoy learning about the belifs and practises of others. 

Road Maps - These give you a simple visual overview of our RE coverage for each year group

Reception Road Map Relgious Education

KS1 Road Map Religious Education

Our RE Progression Pathway Progression Pathway. This document shows the development of knowledge and skills that the children will acquire during their time in school.

The following videos provide a brief outline to some of the key beliefs of the World Religions we study in school and well as non-religious beliefs. They also show visits to different places of worship. 

You may find them useful for information or to look at with your child.

EYFS Asian Marriage Workshop

Early Years have enjoyed an Asian Marriage workshop. They enjoyed learning some new words, looking at the different clothing and dancing to Bollywood music. What a great session!


In the EYFS we have been learning all about Diwali. We read the story of Rama and Sita which the children really enjoyed, they liked the demon king with 10 heads and 20 arms! We then watched a video of a little called Jessica celebrating Diwali. We noticed she was dressed in a Sari, with bright colours and gold patterns. She had decorated her house with diva lamps and her mum cooked a special dinner to celebrate. They even decorated the outside of their house with rangoli patterns. They then went to the temple to pray to their gods. After, they ate a special dinner with their family and went outside to watch the fireworks.
We then celebrated Diwali ourselves. We made a special dinner in the home corner and create rangoli patterns outside the house. We listened to special music in the home corner too. We created firework pictures with paint and glitter and diva lamps with playdough and sequins, as well as much more. Take a look at all of the pictures of the fun things we have been busy doing!