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Our Curriculum Vision


At Riddings Infant and Nursery School we value each and every child, recognising that they are ‘All different, all special’.


Our Mission

‘For all children to be kind, courageous and caring, helping them to move towards a bright and happy future in our diverse world, seeing the world through kind and tolerant eyes’.


We see it as our duty, to the children we are lucky enough to have in our care, to equip them with the language of kindness and understanding.


We want every child to leave Riddings, having made the world a little bit KINDER.

Keeping Safe – at school, online and at home

Individuality – celebrating and embracing differences

Nurture – your ambitions, your family, friends and community

Determination – dare to dream, anything is possible

Enthusiasm – lets love to learn and never stop learning

Respect – yourself, each other and the world


Our curriculum content has been designed alongside Subject Leaders to take account of the legal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the Primary National Curriculum whilst at the same time ensuring it meets the needs of all our children, builds cultural capital and takes into account the context of our school locally, nationally and globally. 


We are incredibly proud of our knowledge-based curriculum which holds literature at its heart. Our innovative and creative curriculum enables our children to learn about the world in which we live, how events in the past have shaped our present, and how current events may affect our future. Key knowledge and skills are regularly revisited to ensure retention, with the aim of ensuring pupils are ready for the next stage in their learning. 


Through the development of both our ‘Kinder’ Values and British Values, we celebrate and respect the diverse society we live in, encouraging our children to ask searching questions and develop into independent thinkers and learners. ​ We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses academic subjects, sport, music and a Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education. We are particularly proud of the respect and care that our children show for one another, the environment and the community around us. ​ 



Subject coordinators design and plan the delivery of their subject for each year group, ensuring a clear progression of both skills and knowledge through our curriculum Roadmaps and our Progression Pathways.  The curriculum is delivered through a yearly cycle from Early Years to support the transition of our youngest children into Key Stage 1, where the curriculum is specific for each year group. 


As an Infant school our curriculum has a strong emphasis upon Reading and language development. We believe that language acquisition and Reading are fundamental to our children succeeding. Subject Leaders set out the key vocabulary that children are expected to know and use as part of their curriculum design. 


Furthermore, the basics of Writing are woven throughout our curriculum, with children being given a range of opportunities to practise their writing skills. We aim for children to have clear understanding of the purpose and audience for their writing, and to use these skills across all subjects.  


We also place a high importance on fluency and mastery within the Maths curriculum. Our curriculum allows for small steps to ensure children develop a deep understanding of skills and concepts. Across the key stages, we use a variety of different manipulatives, models and representations to broaden children’s understanding.  


Our cross-curricular and child-centred approach is supported by a variety of enrichment activities which enhance learning, such as visitors into school, educational and residential visits, all of which are carefully chosen to deepen understanding. Additionally, our immediate locality and outdoor learning environments are used to enhance hands on experiences. 


Subject Leaders work alongside the SENCO to ensure the curriculum offer is inclusive and accessible to all children and adapted where and when necessary to enable equal access for all. At Riddings, pupils with additional needs or/and additional barriers to learning are well supported within lessons and throughout school. Support and resources are effectively deployed to help children with these additional needs whether they are academic or social/emotional. Coordinators work closely with the SENCO to ensure that their subject has carefully considered the needs of children with SEND and can be adapted as necessary so all children are able to access the learning and experiences that are planned. Children who grasp concepts quickly are identified rapidly and are challenged to think deeper.  


In all our classrooms, there is a strong emphasis on independent learning. This is supported by the use of continuous and enhanced provision throughout EYFS and Year 1. Through this, children are: 

  • Embedding and practising taught skills 

  • Challenging themselves 

  • Exploring, wondering and questioning 

  • Experimenting and playing with possibilities 

  • Researching and seeking information 

  • Clarifying existing ideas 

  • Deepening understanding through application of a concept 

  • Developing and following their own interests.  


We have high expectations for attendance, academic achievement, and pupil behaviour. We are committed to working in partnership with parents.  



Children leave our school confident, capable and KINDER learners who are ready for the next stage of their education. 


The impact of the curriculum can be seen throughout the school in the work and displays the children produce and through the progress of all groups of children by the end of Year Two. 


Our Learning Journey walls reflect our current topics and highlight the key skills and knowledge the children have gained during the topic. The learning that has taken place in previous topics is collated into large Learning Journey books and our Memory Monday lessons. These promote discussion and factual recall, and are popular with the children who are able to talk about prior learning with enthusiasm and confidence. 


We review our curriculum regularly and this includes devoting staff meetings and INSET days where the whole school teaching/support team can reflect on and further develop the curriculum provision. Our Senior Leadership Team, Subject Leaders and Governors regularly monitor our curriculum through a range of activities such as book looks, learning walks and pupil interviews, providing feedback to develop practice.


Subject leaders are given termly monitoring time, and produce and review action plans for their subject, in line with the School Improvement Plan and linked to Performance Management. 


Ongoing development of skills and knowledge are assessed throughout lessons using a range of AfL techniques. Any children who require extra time to gain these skills and knowledge are given support to ensure they keep up. All subjects are summatively assessed on a termly basis and this information is analysed by class teachers, Subject Leaders, and Senior Management. It is also used to inform provision maps to offer additional support to those children who need it.  


Our children enjoy their learning and this enables them all to achieve, develop confidence and demonstrate good behaviour. Kindness is an integral part of our ethos and our children form lasting friendships and respect towards others, ensuring a positive transition to their next stage of learning. 



 What else makes up our curriculum?​

  • Riddings 50 things to do before... A list of activities that we believe our children need to experience before they leave us.

  • Active  - we place a huge importance on a healthy mind and healthy body. From our mindful approach to PSHE to the wide range of PE and extra-curricular opportunities available for our children.​

  • Inter-generational opportunities – each year we provide our children with opportunities to mix with older generations. 

  • Singing – We sing regularly, appreciate music and take part in community events. ​

  • Outside environment – We have created spaces for the children to develop physically, socially and emotionally. ​

  • Big arts week – an annual celebration and appreciation of the arts​

  • Community cohesion – opportunities to bring the community into school and go out into the community. ​

  • Extra-curricular clubs  - football, gymnastics, e-Safety, Italian, sewing, and Eco to name but a few!​


British Values​

Democracy is incorporated in areas such as our school parliament and pupil/parent voice.​

Rule of Law – we use our behaviour policy to begin this journey of understanding and consequences, following rules to keep everyone safe. ​

Tolerance & Mutual Respect are part of our KINDER values. ​

Individual Liberty is part of our assemblies, discussing these issues and ideas. ​

Our Curriculum Policy

Our curriculum complies with the duties in the Equality Act 2021 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. Making the curriculum accessible for those with disabilities or special educational needs.


If you would like to find out any further information about our curriculum please contact the school office.