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Welcome to Nursery 2019-2020!


Hello everyone and welcome to the Nursery class page! Here you will find all of the fun and exciting things that we are doing in Nursery.

If you are a parent or carer of a child that is currently in our Nursery, please check your child's Tapestry for more information and photographs!


Riddings Nursery has two classes - we have a morning class and an afternoon class. We also offer 30-hour provision. 


Don't forget that it's never too soon to apply for your child's September Nursery place, call or visit the school office to request or fill in an admissions form and add your child's name to our waiting list!

Here are some of the activities that we have been enjoying in our first few weeks of Nursery!

Autumn term 1 2019 - 'All About Me' and 'Owl Babies'


Our first topic in Nursery is "All About Me!". We are very busy learning and talking about our families, our bodies and the things we do and do not like. We are also settling in to the new Nursery routines and making lots of friends. 


This term we are sharing the 'Owl Babies' story and we are learning about Autumn. We will be singing a special owl song, making handprint owls and even making little clay owls!


We will be retelling the story using puppets and teddies, and will be trying hard to join in with the repeated refrains. 


Look at our handprint owls

Look at our handprint owls 1
Look at our handprint owls 2
Look at our handprint owls 3

We have our very own 'self portrait' gallery!

We have our very own 'self portrait' gallery! 1

If you would like to watch the Owl Babies story - click the link below

Balance bikes!


On Wednesday 2nd October 2019, we were very lucky in Nursery as we had a special visit from Rob Bounds. Rob is the Senior Transport Officer for Derbyshire County Council's Sustainable Travel Team and he works a lot with our school to promote sustainable travel and road safety. 


Rob visited Nursery to teach us how to ride Balance Bikes! Balance bikes are a great way to start learning how to ride a bike - you can learn all about it on


Rob led some activities and games that support balance and co-ordination - this included pretending to take dinosaur steps and frog jumps and walking carefully on stepping stones of different heights! 

Rob then showed us how to guide a balance bike without riding it and showed us how to ride the bikes carefully without bumping into anything or anyone!


We talked about how to be safe if we have a balance bike at home and we all wore helmets to protect us from any bumps or accidents.

Here are some pictures from our Balance Bike day

Hello Yellow Day


We celebrated and raised awareness for World Mental Health day by having a yellow-themed day in Nursery. We wore yellow accessories, decorated biscuits with yellow icing and even tasted different yellow foods! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Road safety for our Balance Bikes!


Rob visited the Nursery again a few days later to talk about Road Safety and to help us fit bells onto our Balance Bikes. The children loved using the screwdrivers to fasten the bells onto the handlebars of our bikes!


Rob was very kind and brought in extra bells for our Balance Bikes and scooters at home. If you would like a free bell for your child's Balance Bike or scooter, please chat to a member of Nursery staff!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Librarian visit!


On Monday 14th October 2019, Morning Nursery had a special visitor - Nicola from Alfreton Library! Nicola came to visit us to tell us all about libraries and to encourage us to go with our families. She shared some of her favourite stories with us and even sang some Nursery rhymes - we had a lovely time! Nicola will be returning to Nursery in November and will lead a session for our Afternoon Nursery children. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Autumn term 2 2019 - 'The Gruffalo'


Check back soon to learn all about our second topic in Nursery - The Gruffalo!





We will soon be teaching phonics to our Nursery children. The phonics scheme we follow at Riddings Infant and Nursery School is Read, Write, Inc. (RWI) and therefore the children learn the sounds in the RWI order and they learn the RWI writing rhymes for each letter.


However, we know that young children benefit from a combination of different methods and therefore we also sing the Jolly Phonics song for each letter and practise doing the Jolly Phonics action. Each week we will make a craft that starts with our special letter sound and we will even try some food that starts with this letter too.  


Our Nursery classroom has a special phonics table that is dedicated to our sound of the week - we encourage children to bring in something from home that begins with this letter so we can talk about it and share it in class.  


If you would like to learn how to say the different letter sounds in a pure way, so you can practise with your children, please watch the video below or visit the RWI website and click on the parents section. 

Read Write Inc. Phonemes Pronunciation Guide DVD



Each child at our Nursery has an online Learning Journey. We are really enjoying our new system of recording and celebrating children's learning, and we like being able to instantly share information with parents/carers. 


If you would like to sign in to your account to view your child's Learning Journey - click the link below and sign in using the information provided by your child's class teacher. 

Nursery rhymes 


We share Nursery rhymes on a daily basis at Nursery. If you'd like to listen to or learn some of our Nursery rhymes, click the link below.