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Welcome to Nursery

It is a pleasure to have welcomed our new Nursery children and their families into school from September and we are really pleased with how well the children have settled in.


There are 2 classes in Nursery. We have a morning class and an afternoon class. We also have a small group of children who attend both. 

Term 6 - Pirate Pete




This term our topic is all about pirates, mermaids and under the sea! Pirate Pete is an interactive book that allows the children to make choices throughout the story. We will be dressing up, exploring floating and sinking, learning all about new environments and comparing them to those we have explored through our last two topics and much much more.  Look out for some pictures later this term to show what we have been doing...

Term 5 - Handa’s Surprise


Link to story -​​​​​​​

Balancing Handa’s basket!

Fruit Tasting

Handa carried the seven delicious fruits in a basket balanced on her head. We had a go at balancing the basket on our head, it was trickier than it looked! We talked about carrying our things to and from school and how we use a bag instead of a basket. 

Basket Weaving

Mrs Wagg showed us how to weave our own basket using paper. It was very tricky but we didn’t give up! We then talked about which fruits we will be adding to the basket.

Fruit Tasting

We tried some of the seven delicious fruits from Handa’s basket. Handa used lots of different words to describe the fruits she had in her basket including sweet, delicious, yummy, juicy, creamy and spikey. As we tasted the fruits we gave our own words to describe the flavour. We agreed with some of Handa’s describing words but we also heard the occasional yuck! 

Rob’s Smoothie Bike!


We enjoyed using Rob’s ‘Smoothie Bike’ to make their very own smoothie. The children chose the fruits they liked including some from Handa’s basket and then peddled the bike to create energy which then made the blender work. This was not only a very healthy and yummy drink but it was also a fun, healthy and clean way to make it. 😊

African Drumming

We have enjoyed listening to the different music from Africa and have joined in with the dancing and music making ourselves. Today Martin visited us with his drums. Martin told us that he was from Ghana which is a country in Africa. Martin showed us how to play his African drums and he taught us how to play altogether. We were brilliant at following the instructions and playing along to some of our favourite songs on the drums.

Thank you Martin 😊

I spy with my little eye…

We shared some photographs of the animals we saw when out and about in Riddings and Derbyshire. We compared them to the animals that Handa saw on her walk to her friends Akeyo’s village. We talked about why elephants, zebra, giraffe etc like to live in countries within Africa and why we have mainly cats, dogs and pigeons. The children came up with some great reasons including the size of Africa is bigger and the weather is hotter. 😊

Repeating Patterns 

We loved looking at all the patterns on the fabrics, the jewellery and the baskets etc. from Africa. As part of our pattern work in maths we made our own jewellery using beads. We used a repeating pattern and could talk about it after we had completed it.


This term Mrs Townsend has added lots of new things to our classroom that encourages sharing. We talked about what sharing means and how to resolve issues when our friend is not sharing. One good solution involved turn taking on the bikes and scooters and making a line so our friends know we are waiting for a turn. We also talked about sharing ideas and listening to our friends. We have really enjoyed playing new games, building a marble run and peddling a bike to name but a few with our friends.  

Story Telling

In Nursery we are really good at making up our very own stories. This week we dressed up as our favourite animal and then drew and talked about what was happening in our story. We had some story cards to help us make the stories even more exciting. We then shared the story with our friends and grown-ups.

Nursery Elephant

This term we have loved learning all about the animals that live in Africa but today we talked about the animals becoming endangered and why. As a class we decided that we would like to help an elephant. On Tuesday 24th May we will be doing a sponsored obstacle course in our elephant mask. It costs a minimum of £40 to sponsor an elephant for a year with the WWF. If everybody is happy to sponsor their child £1 then I will organise the rest. 


Look Out for how we got on!!!

Together we raised £55 for the WWF!! The money has been sent and we have adopted an elephant. We were all able to talk about why we were raising the money and some of us even remembered that big word ‘endangered’ and could explain what it meant. Our teachers are so proud of us ⭐️

Sponsored Obstacle Course!

Peter Rabbit came to spend the week in Nursery. He’s only 12 weeks old and we are his first Nursery that he’s been to visit. On his first day we had to leave him in his cage with the run door open to allow him time to get used to the new smells and noises around him. By the end of the day he spent more and more time in his run watching what we were doing. As Peter Rabbit became more used to us he was happy to spend some time on the carpet with us. He even let us stroke him and feed him his favourite treats carrots, broccoli and cabbage leaves. During Peter Rabbits stay we had to take care of him. This included feeding him and giving him fresh water and cleaning out his cage. We talked about how Peter couldn’t do this for himself and so it was important that we did it everyday.  We loved having Peter Rabbit stay at Nursery but having a pet is lots of hard work!

Term 4 - Farmyard Hullabaloo!




     Link to story -


This term our topic is Animals and Habitats- we will be exploring a range of stories about different habitats with a particular focus on the story of Farmyard Hullabaloo. As we explore different habitats we will be sharing both stories and non-fictions texts to help us learn more about how animals and plants grow and change as well as what we need to do to help take care of them. We are looking forward to exploring habitats around school and planting seeds and flowers in our outdoor Nursery environment! Look out for some pictures later this term to show what we have been doing...



The nice Spring weather has meant that we could open a Nursery Cafe. We have talked about the ingredients used to make cakes that come from a farm including the eggs, milk and butter from the animals and wheat to make the flour and also sugar from the plants. Our special ingredient this week was a real pineapple. The children were very good at describing the pineapple as they used it to make their pretend cakes.







World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March


Not A Stick!




Link to story -



After sharing this story, the children were invited to decorate a stick and then dress up to match. For example Mrs Wagg turned her stick into a wands and she dressed up as a witch!


Here are some of our creations:












Term 3 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears


(Here is a link to the story -


This term our topic is Traditional Tales- we will be exploring a range of rhymes and stories with a particular focus on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will be re-telling the story, dressing up as the three bears in our home-corner as well as making our own porridge and trying different toppings.  



(Here is the link to this story -


We will also be sharing a story ‘The Great Race’ which is a traditional tale from China. At the same time we will be finding out all about the Chinese New Year including making our very own Dragon head and having different races with our friends.



We will also spend some time this term talking about Safer Internet Day including sharing parts of the story Hashtag Goldilocks which helps us to learn some important messages about being safe online- you can find some more information about this by scrolling down on this page or visiting the online safety section of our Safeguarding pages which can be accessed here: 


I was born in the year of the dog!

I was born in the year of the Rooster!



We practised our scissor skills to make 

Chinese Lanterns!


We used the puppets, small world and role play to retell our favourite traditional tales and rhymes. 






"I'm Mary from Mary had a little Lamb"





















"We are Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear. We are going on a walk to let the porridge cool down!"




















"It's the big Billy Goat Gruff trip trapping over the bridge!"














These children used the dolls house to retell the story of 'Goldilocks and The three Bears'.


















Term 2 - The Gruffalo



This term we will be exploring the story of The Gruffalo. We will be re-telling the story in lots of different ways including dressing up and acting out the story and using puppets to help tell it in our own words.

Whilst exploring the story we will think about the different creatures that the Gruffalo meets and how we can describe them as well as learning some facts about them too.

We have also really enjoyed learning some songs and telling the story of the First Christmas in our Christmas concert- we hope you enjoyed it!



Term 1 - All About Me!

Our first topic in Nursery was "All About Me!". We have been very busy learning and talking about our families and the things we do and do not like. We have also been settling in to our new Nursery routines and making lots of friends.


We have also been talking about how each of us are All Different and All Special and have created our own self-portraits that have been used to make a class display.



Our favourite book this term has been 'Owl Babies' where we learnt about different animals that come out at night and these are called ‘Nocturnal’ as well as where owls live. We also enjoyed learning new songs, printing and painting owls. We even got to make our very own owl and a nest for it to sit in.


Here is the link to the story

















Here are some useful websites to help support your child with their learning.

Social story for Covid-19 from the Educational Psychology Services


Please find attached a 'social story' about social distancing and Covid-19 that you may find helpful to share with your children. This was created by the Educational Psychology Service. 


Their message is as follows:
“In conjunction with Public Health, we have created some information around social distancing to help younger children understand what the rules are. We would appreciate it if you could share it with parents and children via the school’s website or social media links.”

Activities and resources to support reading and writing.
Activities to support Physical Development - You can still access Joe Wicks on You Tube.

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