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Welcome to Nursery 2018-2019!


Hello everyone and welcome to the Nursery class page! Here you will find all of the fun and exciting things that we are doing in Nursery. 


Riddings Nursery has two classes - we have a morning class and an afternoon class. We also offer 30-hour provision. 


Don't forget that it's never too soon to apply for your child's September Nursery place, call or visit the school office to request or fill in an admissions form and add your child's name to our waiting list!

Autumn term 1 - All About Me and Owl Babies


Our first topic in Nursery was "All About Me!". We were very busy learning and talking about our families, our bodies and the things we do and do not like. We also settled in to the new Nursery routines and made lots of friends. 


Towards the end of our first half term we started sharing the 'Owl Babies' story. We linked this story to our work on families and even learnt a special owl song. We then enjoyed making lots of owl crafts including clay owls and handprint owls.


The children had lots of fun using puppets to retell the main events of the story, they tried hard to remember the repeated refrains and even talked about how the owls feel at different points in the story. 

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If you would like to watch the Owl Babies story - click the link below

Halloween and Bonfire Night


We had lots of fun exploring pumpkins, we enjoyed cutting them open and scooping out all of the seeds. We used different tools to see which ones would do the best job and tried to use  describing words to say what we were doing and what we thought the pumpkins were like. We thought of lots, including: "stringy", "sticky", "messy" "disgusting", "scraping", "cutting" and "scooping". 


We then used lots of different craft resources to make colourful pumpkins and used shapes and paint to print funny faces on paper pumpkins, we were really good at naming the 2D shapes!

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Look at some of the things we've been doing so far this year!

Autumn term 2 - The Gruffalo


Our topic for the second half term is "The Gruffalo". We're excited to share the story and learn about woodland animals. 


Check back soon to see what we get up to! 

Look at this fantastic independent drawing of the Gruffalo! We have lots of great artists in Nursery this year!

Look at this fantastic independent drawing of the Gruffalo! We have lots of great artists in Nursery this year! 1



We have now started teaching phonics to our Nursery children. The phonics scheme we follow at Riddings Infant and Nursery School is Read, Write, Inc. (RWI) and therefore the children learn the sounds in the RWI order and they learn the RWI writing rhymes for each letter.


However, we know that young children benefit from a combination of different methods and therefore we also sing the Jolly Phonics song for each letter and practise doing the Jolly Phonics action. Each week we make a craft that starts with our special letter sound and we even try some food that starts with this letter too.  


Our Nursery classroom has a special phonics table that is dedicated to our sound of the week - we encourage children to bring in something from home that begins with this letter so we can talk about it and share it in class.  


If you would like to learn how to say the different letter sounds in a pure way, so you can practise with your children, please watch the video below. 

Read Write Inc. Phonemes Pronunciation Guide DVD

Sound of the week - 'm'

Our first sound of the week was 'm'. We made mice and tasted marshmallows.

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Sound of the week - 'a'


Our next sound of the week was 'a'. We made apples and tasted apple juice.

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Each child at our Nursery has an online Learning Journey. We are really enjoying our new system of recording and celebrating children's learning, and we like being able to instantly share information with parents/carers. 


If you would like to sign in to your account to view your child's Learning Journey - click the link below and sign in using the information provided by your child's class teacher. 

Nursery rhymes 


We share Nursery rhymes on a daily basis at Nursery. If you'd like to listen to or learn some of our Nursery rhymes, click the link below.