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Autumn 2 - Newsletter

Welcome to Nursery

It is a pleasure to have welcomed our new Nursery children and their families into school from September and we are really pleased with how well the children have settled in.


There are 2 classes in Nursery. We have a morning class and an afternoon class. We also have a small group of children who attend both. 


Term 1 - All About Me!

Our first topic in Nursery was "All About Me!". We have been very busy learning and talking about our families and the things we do and do not like. We have also been settling in to our new Nursery routines and making lots of friends.


We have also been talking about how each of us are All Different and All Special and have created our own self-portraits that have been used to make a class display.



Our favourite book this term has been 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' where we learnt about different environments such as thick oozy mud and swishy swashy grass. We also enjoyed learning new songs, printing and painting bears. We even got to decorate our very own bear biscuit!


Here is the link to the story



Term 2 - Night and Day

This term our topic is Night and Day and we are exploring the story Night Monkey, Day Monkey which you can watch here:


We have talked about the things that Night Monkey sees in the night and what Day Monkey can see in the day. We went on a sound walk too and listened for the sounds we can hear in the daytime. We have also introduced the word Nocturnal and have looked at the different kind of animals that wake up as we go to bed.


As part of Friendship week we have also spent time looking at what makes us a good friend and have celebrated these qualities.



Hello Yellow Day


We celebrated and raised awareness for World Mental Health day by having a yellow-themed day in Nursery. We wore yellow accessories, play with yellow toys, painted and printed yellow pictures and even tasted different yellow foods! 


We have started teaching phonics to our Nursery children. The phonics scheme we follow at Riddings Infant and Nursery School is Read, Write, Inc. (RWI) and therefore the children learn the sounds in the RWI order and they learn the RWI writing rhymes for each letter.


However, we know that young children benefit from a combination of different methods and therefore we also sing the Jolly Phonics song for each letter and practise doing the Jolly Phonics action. Each week we make a craft that starts with our special letter sound and we even try some food that starts with this letter too.  


Our Nursery classroom has a special phonics table that is dedicated to our sound of the week - Usually we encourage children to bring in something from home that begins with this letter so we can talk about it and share it in class. This term we have been asking you to add this on to Tapestry and we have shared this with your child's class.


If you would like to learn how to say the different letter sounds in a pure way, so you can practise with your children, please watch the video below or visit the RWI website and click on the parents section. 

Here are some useful websites to help support your child with their learning.

Social story for Covid-19 from the Educational Psychology Services


Please find attached a 'social story' about social distancing and Covid-19 that you may find helpful to share with your children. This was created by the Educational Psychology Service. 


Their message is as follows:
“In conjunction with Public Health, we have created some information around social distancing to help younger children understand what the rules are. We would appreciate it if you could share it with parents and children via the school’s website or social media links.”

Activities and resources to support reading and writing.
Activities to support Physical Development - You can still access Joe Wicks on You Tube.

Activities and resources to support Emotional Development 


If you would like to continue to support your child's emotional development, please check out the activities and resources below. You could also encourage your child to share and take turns with their toys. 

Activities and resources to support Speech and Language 


If you would like to support your child with their developing speech and language, check out the activities and resources below.

Activities and resources to support Singing and Music Creativity


If you would like to encourage your child to sing and be creative with music, check out the activities and resources below.

Activities and resources to support Maths



Activities and resources to support fine motor skills and Writing 



Activities and resources to support Creativity and Art


If you would like to encourage your child to be artistic and creative at home, check out the activities and resources below.

Activities and resources to support discussions around 'Safety'


General websites with activities and resources for the EYFS

The internet can be fantastic and is full of lots of great resources, just like with those links above. But it is also important to make sure that children are safe when using it.


Please find attached some guidance to support you and your children in using the internet safely when accessing online learning, games and activities.