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In Design & Technology, we plan, design and make our ideas, this makes us designers. 



At Riddings Infant and Nursery School, lessons are planned that put the progression of knowledge and skills at the forefront.  Where appropriate cross-curricular and thematic links are included. Where this is not possible, discrete teaching of relevant skills will be required.

We believe that a high quality education in Design and Technology will help pupils gain an appreciation of design and help them develop their confidence and creativity. Experiences here are provided which challenge the pupils to step beyond their comfort zones to see what they are capable of. In doing this, pupils are encouraged to view themselves as designers and recognise that they have unique talents.

‘On Education’ believes that through “design education...pupils are able to make something novel that has the potential to change the world” as “success today relies on a new way of thinking and that’s exactly what design thinking can teach”.



At Riddings Infant and Nursery School, we believe that Design and Technology is an integral part of a broad and balanced curriculum. We intend to deliver a Design and Technology curriculum which is practical, ambitious and raises aspirations. We intend for all children to develop knowledge and skills as set out in Development Matters and The National Curriculum. We want the children’s learning to be meaningful so we ensure, where possible, that there are links with our current learning within other areas of the curriculum. We intend to show the children the wide range of skills and knowledge required in Design and Technology and how these have developed the modern world we live in today. We aim to develop learners that talk like a designer by teaching subject specific vocabulary explicitly to the children.



Through a variety of creative and practical activities we teach progressive knowledge and skills that build on children’s prior learning. We do this through the use of our progression pathways which have been carefully designed to ensure skills are rehearsed and built on throughout the Design and Technology journey in school. The children will have the opportunity to take part in three Design and Technology projects each year and we ensure that the children are taught Design and Technology skills and knowledge explicitly. We aim for the knowledge taught to ‘stick’ with the children and as part of this we run Memory Monday sessions where the children have the opportunity to revise previous art knowledge. We see provision as a vital part of the children’s learning and we ensure that we provide opportunities for the children to apply their Design and Technology skills in a range of ways, so that the knowledge and skills taught become natural, independent, consistent and embedded and can be built on in Key Stage One. We believe that this supports all children with their Design and Technology learning but in particular our SEND children as they are offered the opportunity to continually rehearse skills previously to them. We also ensure that the children are planning, making and evaluation their work so that the children are always striving to achieve their best and to develop key skills as designers.



Our Design and Technology curriculum will allow the children to learn new skills and help them move towards a bright and happy future. The children will leave Riddings Infant and Nursery School being able to design, plan, make and evaluate. They will have strong technical knowledge and an understanding of food technology, in line with The National Curriculum. We aim for the children to build a strong vocabulary within the Design and Technology curriculum where they are able to use vocabulary appropriately. The children will have clear enjoyment and confidence in Design and Technology and the knowledge and skills that have gained during the time at




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