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Cost of living / Financial Support

If you have any worries or need support please come and speak to Mrs Farnsworth the Headteacher or Mrs Bartlett Pastoral Lead. We are here to support.

Food Bank Help

Household Support Fund

If you're facing financial hardship, particularly if you have children, are on a low income, or are a pensioner, our Household Support Fund could help.


Vulnerable residents will receive further help from a £5.4m extension to our Household Support Fund over winter.


The money is a major part of our support package to help people buy food, pay their energy bills and meet other essential living and housing costs to the end of March.

We'll be working with councils, community groups, charities and other local services who can identify those in need. And people will also be able to make a direct application to our Derbyshire Discretionary Fund, which helps residents facing crisis and emergency situations and operates on a direct application basis.


Vulnerable Derbyshire residents to be helped by £5.4 million Household Support Fund this winter - Derbyshire County Council