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In Art, we explore ideas and share them in creative ways, this makes us artists. 



At Riddings Infant and Nursery School, staff plan lessons carefully to ensure skill and knowledge progression is paramount and that meaningful cross-curricular and thematic links are made where possible. Where this is not possible, discrete teaching of relevant skills will be required.

We believe that a high quality art education will help pupils gain an appreciation of art and help them develop their creativity. Art experiences are provided which inspire and challenge our pupils. They are then encouraged to view themselves as artists and to create their own works of art, recognising their own, unique talents and that of others.

According to the Art Education Council, “Involvement with arts and culture is crucial to imagination, self-expression and creativity in young people.”





At Riddings Infant and Nursery School, we intend to deliver an art curriculum that

supports children to develop their knowledge and skills as an artist. We want to support the children to find enjoyment in art and creativity and we hope that they hold a positive self-image and confidence to express themselves creatively and enjoy the process that happens within our art lessons. Our curriculum intends to expose the children to a range of artists and art work and we consider carefully which artists we select to ensure there is cultural awareness amongst our children. We aim to explore artist and their art work to allow children to make connections in the world they live in, both in Riddings but also their wider community. We intend for all children to develop knowledge and skills as set out in Development Matters and The National Curriculum. Our aim is to create learners that have high aspirations and are keen to develop their knowledge and skills within art. We intend for the children to be exposed to and learn progressive vocabulary in art so that they can talk and create like an artist.



Within our art lessons across school, we teach the children with an artist focus. This helps the children to develop their understanding of art in the past and how this shapes art in our present. They have the opportunity to take part in three art units each year and the skills and knowledge are taught explicitly. The skills and knowledge have been carefully planned across the school from Nursery to Year Two and is evidenced with our progression pathways. This ensures that knowledge and skills taught are being rehearsed and built on throughout their art journey at Riddings Infant and Nursery School. We aim for the knowledge taught to ‘stick’ with the children and as part of this we run Memory Monday sessions where the children have the opportunity to revise previous art knowledge.

The children are taught painting, drawing, crafting and sculpting. Through our use of artists, the children are taught these art techniques, starting with our youngest learners in Nursery. The children have the opportunity to practise their skills and see progression with their artwork through the use of sketch books which the children start in Reception and work in until the end of Year 2. We see provision as a vital part of the children’s learning and is a key place for children to develop their art knowledge and skills. It allows learning to become natural, independent, consistent and embedded. The children have access to art opportunities during continuous provision regularly. We believe that this supports all children with their art learning but in particular our SEND children as they are offered the opportunity to continually rehearse skills previously to them.



Our Art curriculum fosters an enjoyment for the subject so that the children can continue to strive to achieve their best as they enter Key Stage Two. The children will acquire age-appropriate knowledge and skills linked to Development Matters and The National Curriculum. The children will have developed a strong vocabulary bank and will use this well within their art lessons and provision. Most importantly, children will leave Riddings Infant and Nursery school having the confidence to select and use medial and materials confidently, knowing art is a process and that it is ok to make mistake along the way.



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