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SEND Support and Funding


How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to children’s SEN?

The school receives funding to respond to the needs of pupils with SEND from a number of sources that include:

  • A proportion of the funds allocated per pupil to the school to provide for their education.
  • The Notional SEN budget. This is a fund devolved to schools to support them to meet the needs of pupils with SEND.
  • The Pupil Premium funding provides additional funding for children whose families are in receipt of certain benefit payments or who are in the care of the local authority or whose parents are in the Armed Services. Please contact our Miss Kamillo via the School Office for further details regarding Pupil Premium or ask to speak with the Governor for Disadvantaged Pupils Mrs S Kerton.
  • For those pupils with the most complex needs, the school may be allocated additional educational needs funding from the Local Authorities High Needs SEN Funding allocation- Early Years Inclusion Funding, Inclusion Panel Funding or EHCP- Additional information about these can be found in the local offer at!/directory.
  • This funding is then used to provide the equipment and facilities to support children with SEN and disabilities through support that might include:

1) Targeted differentiation to increase access to the EYFS or KS1.

2) Adult support aimed at increasing skills in specific areas

3) Small group work

4) Specific support, advice and guidance provided to parents/carers and families.

5) Provision of specialist resources or equipment eg use of ICT, sensory room equipment

6) Support from other specialist practitioners to improve inclusion eg Autism Outreach, SSSEN, Occupational Therapy...

If parents/carers wish to discuss the options available for their child they are welcome to make an appointment to see the SENCO.


How is the decision made about how much each child will receive?

For pupils with SEND but without an EHCP, Early Years Inclusion Funding or Inclusion Panel Funding the decision regarding the support provided will be taken at joint meetings with the Head Teacher, SENCo, classteacher, parent/carer and other professionals as appropriate.

For pupils with an EHCP, Early Years Inclusion Funding or Inclusion Panel Funding, this decision will be reached via a Panel of professionals through the Derbyshire County Council SEND team who meet weekly. The support requested will be decided in agreement with pupils, parents and the school when the EHCP, Early Years Inclusion Funding or Inclusion Panel Funding is being produced and this will be shared with the SEND team to discuss at their panel meeting. This is then reviewed each year although early review meetings can also be set up should there be a significant change in the needs of the pupil or to the provision required to support them effectively. Decisions regarding support will be made by the Local Authority SEND team based upon the information gathered and shared at these review meetings.