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Our goal for writing with all of our children, is to help them become confident, independent, creative thinkers who love to get their ideas down on paper! We want them to understand that writing has a purpose and is a life-long skill they need to succeed. 


Our writing curriculum focuses on the teaching of composition, handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar. The teaching and modelling of vocabulary, listening, speaking, understanding and communicating is at the core of all the children do. Without these skills, they will be unable to master the rest. 



Writing at Home


If you would like to help your child with their writing at home, uses the links and downloads below. Regular handwriting and spelling practice are vital for your child - they need fluency in these skills so they become automated, allowing them to concentrate more on the content and style of their writing. 

Useful documents to support your child's learning

Although this list is not exclusive, these are some of the key words we expect your child to be able to spell by the end of KS1.