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School Council 2017-2018


Our classes have now voted for their 2017-2018 School Council representatives!


To be on our school council pupils must be

* Sensible

* Good listeners

* Able to share ideas

* Interested in making our school a better place.



We vote for school council members in September. Two children from each class are voted to represent their class.


The school council support the running of our Christmas and Summer Fairs and discuss key issues in school including sharing ideas about how we could develop our playground.


Our previous School Councils met to decide on our Scooter Smart Code after discussing ideas in their classes with their peers, helped raise money for the Poppy appeal, held votes to decide the charity we would support and even met the Mayor of Amber Valley to find out more about Democracy. 

During the Autumn terms our school collected donations for the Samaritans Operation Christmas Child Shoebox appeal. 


The parents and children were incredibly supportive and we were able to send off 12 completed boxes as well as other items that the charity then used to fill a number of other boxes.


Thank you to everyone that supported our fundraising. 

The Year 2 School Councillors helped to collect fundraising for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. They took a box of poppies around to all of the classes each afternoon for a week and explained what the charity does and who for. 
Our Year 2 School Councillors had a very important first job! On Wednesday 18th October 2017, the Year 2 School Councillors presented a cheque to 'Gold September' - a charity that has been set up to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer. We had a Superhero dress up day and altogether, our school raised a huge £265.50!! Thank you to everyone for your kind donations, we can't wait to fundraise again next year for this worthy cause. 

School Council 2016-2017

Please have a look below to see what our School Council did to help the school in 2016-2017

Visit to Build-a-Bear workshop (with help from the Family Fundraising Committee)

We had a fantastic opportunity offered to us from the school's Family Fundraising Committee. We went to Build-a-Bear workshop to select and make a behaviour reward bear for each of our classes. 

We first held votes within our classes so the children could choose which soft animal they would like and what they would like to call it. We then went to Build-a-Bear and learnt about how the people make the animals and were told some really cool facts about real bears too! The Family Fundraising Committee then helped us make the teddies and even let us choose some clothes for it too. 


We took the teddies back to our classes and they now look out for super sensible children or children trying really hard! They may go home with children each week or sit on a class table to watch everyone working.

Visit to the Mayor of Amber Valley


The Key Stage 1 School Council were very fortunate again this year as they had the opportunity to visit the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor of Amber Valley.

On Thursday 23rd March 2017, the KS1 School Council went to the council buildings in Ripley to meet the Mayor of the Borough, Councillor Richard Iliffe and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor David Wilson. 

The visit was lots of fun as we got to visit the council chamber and learn about how voting works - we even got to take part in our own secret, democratic vote. We had to put an 'x' on a voting sheet and then post it in a box so no one could see who we had voted for. We then learnt about what the council is doing for us and had a small debate about sustainable travel and travelling smart!


Afterwards, we all got to sit in the Mayor's special chair and bang the hammer to make everyone quiet... we even got to try on the chains (they're quite heavy!). We then visited the Mayor's office and looked at the photographs of all the past Mayors, the Mayor showed us the robes he sometimes has to wear and he tried them on for us to see - he looked really smart!

At the end of the afternoon we wrote our names in the Mayor's important visitors book. We looked through it to see everyone that had visited before and we found the page that last year's School Council had written on. 

So far this year, each class has voted for their own School Council representatives. 

Each class has followed the British Value of Democracy, they have voted for two people to represent them. 


The School Council met in the Autumn term and talked about how we could make our school an even nicer place to be. They suggested that we could improve our playground and have more/different toys. We decided that it is important to get the opinions of everyone in school, so we said we would go to our classes and ask them what they would like on the playground. 


The School Council then met again in the Spring term and fed back all of the ideas that the classes had thought of to make our school, and playground, a better place. Each class had thought of some fantastic (and very interesting) ideas including: a "treehouse", a "swimming pool or a hot tub", a "picnic area", "more skipping ropes" and "some colouring things". We understood that some of these things may not be suitable for our school playground as perhaps they'd be too big or cost a lot of money, but the School Council has asked Miss Marshall to talk about the ideas with Mrs Politowski and the school staff. 


The School Council then thought about the animal charity that we would be supporting during our Easter festivities. We really enjoyed raising money last year for Guide Dogs for the Blind and we thought that it may be nice to donate money to a different charity this year. We said it would be nice to research animal charities with our classes and then meet again next week to vote for one. We would then be able to tell all of our parents and carers.


The Easter charity for 2017 is the RSPCA!

School Council 2015-2016

Please have a look below to see what our School Council did to help the school in 2015-2016. 

So far this year the school council have voted for the Playground Friends and have helped run the Poppy Appeal at school! This involved visiting each class with the poppy box and explaining the importance of Remembrance Day. Altogether our school raised £166.12 for the 2015 Poppy Appeal.  


Before Easter, the school council met to discuss animal charities that we could raise money for during our Easter egg-care week. The school council held votes in their classes to decide on the animal charity and the charity with the most votes was Guide Dogs for the Blind, UK. 


To find out about all of the amazing work our school is now doing with Guide Dogs for the Blind, UK, please visit our Guide Dogs page which is under the community section on our website. 

In April 2016, the Key Stage 1 School Council visited the Mayor of Amber Valley - Councillor Trevor Ainsworth. It was incredibly exciting and interesting to visit the council chamber as this is where lots of important debates are held! 


The Mayor told us all of the things the council does to help us and explained how they make important decisions about voting. He showed us where he sits during these important talks and we even had our very own vote! The Mayor asked us to sign his special visitors book and we got to see his office - we couldn't believe how many pictures there were on the wall, there have been a lot of Mayors! 


To finish the school year the School Council asked their classes about what new toys and games they would like on the playground. The Family Fundraising Committee gave the school £100 to spend on new equipment.


The School Council talked with their classes about how to look after these new things.