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Guide Dogs for the Blind

Our work with Guide Dogs for the Blind:

Before Easter 2016, the School Council met to discuss charities that they wanted to raise money for during our Easter egg-care week. 

The School Council chose that they would raise money for an animal charity and after many discussions, they chose 4 local animal charities. They then went back to their classes to hold votes. Each class voted for the animal charity that they wanted to raise money for and the School Council then met again to find the overall majority in school - the charity with the most votes was Guide Dogs for the Blind, UK. 


To find out more information about the charity we were raising money for, the School Council invited a visitor from Guide Dogs UK into school to talk about the charity and all of the amazing work that they do.
Roger is a local guide dog owner and he brought his beautiful dog Zola with him. Roger explained that it is very expensive to train guide dogs, but told us about all of the ways that Zola helps him - she can even guide him to his local shops! 

During our Easter egg-care week, we raised an incredible grand total of £648.50!!

This meant we could sponsor two puppy classes!


Thank you to everyone who took part or donated to this fantastic charity!

In July 2016, we received a little bit more information about the puppies the school are sponsoring. Our first puppy class consists of three puppies called Freya, Domino and Biscuit - they are all super cute!!


In September 2016, we received information about the second puppy class. Our second puppy class consists of three puppies called Lexi, Una and Zac - these puppies are also adorable!


You can see their pictures and a bit about each one of them below. 

Our first puppy class

Our second puppy class