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Our behaviour expectations


At Riddings Infants and Nursery School we work together to create a happy, stimulating environment, where individuals are valued and their potential can be realised. We believe that children perform

best when they are encouraged and rewarded and when parents are involved. Our aim is to meet the needs of the child socially, emotionally and educationally. We aim to do this within a supportive, caring climate offering access to a rich, diversified curriculum where achievement and wellbeing are valued.


At Riddings Infant and Nursery School we value each and every child, recognising that they are ‘all different, all special’. Our Kinder values encompass everything we do.


Our KINDER values are:


Keeping safe – at school, online and at home

Individuality – celebrating and embracing differences

Nurture – your ambitions, your family, friends and community

Determination – Dare to dream, anything is possible

Enthusiasm – lets love to learn, never stop learning

Respect – yourself, each other and the world



  • To create a culture of exceptionally good behaviour: for learning, community and life.
  • To promote good relationships, ensuring all learners are treated fairly and shown respect.
  • To help learners take control over their behaviour and be responsible for the consequences of it.
  • To build a community which values kindness, care, good humour, good temper, obedience and empathy for others.
  • To promote community cohesion through improved relationships.
  • To ensure that excellent behaviour is a minimum expectation for all.


A consistent approach


At Riddings we will try to ensure:

  • Consistent language and approach.
  • Consistent follow ups.
  • Positive reinforcement, encouraging and celebrating.
  • Consistent consequences.
  • Consistent rules that are embedded.
  • The school promotes an ethos of consistency, structure and routine and within this regular behaviour walks are carried out by the senior leadership team to offer support where needed.  


School Rules

Our rules and rewards have been devised in collaboration with the children and staff in order to help us to have a common understanding of how we are expected to behave, and so that we can achieve the aims of this policy. Our children have the opportunity to discuss them and ensure that they are fully understood, accepted and are able to be followed.

At Riddings Infant and Nursery School there is only one school rule.  This is displayed in each classroom and throughout the school environment.  We expect all children and staff to know the rule and to spend time discussing it together at the start of each year, understanding what it means and how it relates to our school KINDER values that are intrinsic to the ethos of the school.  

School rule :  Be kind.



Rewards are very important and a powerful tool for encouraging appropriate and positive behaviour. They should be used as and when it is deemed appropriate, dependent on the individual children and situations.  They can take a variety of forms:


Verbal – An encouraging remark when positive behaviour is spotted takes no time and effort but can still mean a lot to the child. The value of verbal praise should not be underestimated and be should used appropriately and often.

Non-verbal – A smile is one of the most effective ways in which to make another person aware of how proud you are of their behaviour. 

Telling Parents – At Riddings Infant School we keep close contact with our parents. An encouraging note/word to parents is appreciated by child and parent alike.

Stickers – These are available from all staff in school. They are suitable for all phases and are particularly motivating.

Sticker chart - Gold stars and stickers will be given for positive behaviour, good work and any individual achievements the child makes. When the child achieves ten gold stars, they will be presented with a certificate in their year group assembly to enhance their overall self-esteem and self-worth.

Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher – Children can be sent to these senior members of staff for a special sticker for excellent behaviour. Children’s good work can also be sent to receive a sticker.

Class Council – This gives an opportunity for discussions including behaviour and expectations and how the children can make a difference themselves.

Hot chocolate with the Headteacher – 6 children are chosen each week for going ‘over and above’, these children get to have hot chocolate with the Head teacher at the end of the week.

Star of the week – Each week two children from each class are nominated for stars of the week, parents are invited to this assembly every Friday.

Responsibilities in class/school - These can be used to focus a child and help avoid poor behaviour as well as rewarding a child for good behaviour.

Whole class rewards

Foundation 1 and 2:

A visual display will be used as a way of collecting a set number of tokens achieved by the whole class to go towards a choice of ‘Golden time’ activities, voted for by the whole class. The decision can be made when there are enough of the chosen objects for everybody in the class e.g. fish in the tank, stars in the sky...