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After School Clubs

We are once again lucky to have the coaches from Amber Valley School Partnership and Soccerstars  for sporting clubs.

We have had a visit from David Neiper Academy for a French Club.

It is hoped that other non sporting clubs will run and the calendar will be altered as these are made available. 

 Two new clubs to add to our list are 

Food YR2 January 28th - 10th March ( Excluding 3rd March)
Martial Arts KS1 February 4th - 10th March


Club Dates
Boxercise January 13th  -  February 10th
French January 15th
Football January 16th -  February 13th
Gymnastics February 24th  - March 30th (No club 16th March)
Basketball February 27th  -  April 2nd 
Badminton April 20th  -  May 18th
Football (Reception) April 23rd  -  May 21st
Dance June 3rd  -  July 8th
Athletics (Reception) June 4th  -  July 13th
Summersports June 8th  -  July 16th



Boxercise 1
Boxercise 2
Boxercise 3
Boxercise 4
Boxercise 5
Boxercise 6
Boxercise 7
Boxercise 8
Boxercise 9
Boxercise 10
Boxercise 11
Boxercise 12


French 1
French 2
French 3
French 4
French 5
French 6
French 7
French 8
French 9
French 10
French 11
French 12
French 13
French 14
French 15
French 16
French 17
French 18
French 19
French 20
French 21
French 22
French 23
French 24
French 25
French 26
French 27
French 28
French 29
French 30
French 31
French 32
French 33
French 34
French 35
French 36
French 37
French 38
French 39
French 40
French 41
French 42
French 43

Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby 1
Tag Rugby 2
Tag Rugby 3
Tag Rugby 4
Tag Rugby 5
Tag Rugby 6
Tag Rugby 7

Reception's Phonic Club

Some of the Reception children have been taking part in a phonics after school club. During this time we have been practicing our reading and writing skills in a very fun and practical way.  
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
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Picture 8
Picture 9

so far...


We loved using the parachute to play letter popcorn. We used the blends on the balls to create new words as we added them to the sounds written on the floor. We had great fun reading some of the silly words we made. 


We used magic paint to reveal invisible words which we then read to our group. 


We were very good at reading and following the instructions to plant our own beans. We then took them home with a diary to complete with our grown ups. 


We collected letter sounds from around the playground and wrote them on our clipboard. We then added the letters to our 'at' wheels to create a new word to read such as cat, bat, sat etc. We repeated this with 'ig' wheels at home.


We ran around and collected coins that were hiding outside before reading the words on them. We each had our own treasure box and bin and had to decide if the coins  were treasure and had a real word on them or rubbish words that went in the bin.

We made a list of ingredients that we would need to create our own pizzas. We then took them home to eat and wrote what we liked and disliked about our pizza.