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We are currently not facilitating after school clubs due to the Coronavirus and keeping children safe.

As soon as we are able to recommence the clubs we will



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Reception's Phonic Club

Some of the Reception children have been taking part in a phonics after school club. During this time we have been practicing our reading and writing skills in a very fun and practical way.  

so far...


We loved using the parachute to play letter popcorn. We used the blends on the balls to create new words as we added them to the sounds written on the floor. We had great fun reading some of the silly words we made. 


We used magic paint to reveal invisible words which we then read to our group. 


We were very good at reading and following the instructions to plant our own beans. We then took them home with a diary to complete with our grown ups. 


We collected letter sounds from around the playground and wrote them on our clipboard. We then added the letters to our 'at' wheels to create a new word to read such as cat, bat, sat etc. We repeated this with 'ig' wheels at home.


We ran around and collected coins that were hiding outside before reading the words on them. We each had our own treasure box and bin and had to decide if the coins  were treasure and had a real word on them or rubbish words that went in the bin.

We made a list of ingredients that we would need to create our own pizzas. We then took them home to eat and wrote what we liked and disliked about our pizza.